Your Trusted Kulzer Distributor

GHC International proudly announces its official distribution partnership with Kulzer in the vibrant UAE market. A global leader in dental products, Kulzer is renowned for innovation and excellence in advancing dental care. Our collaboration brings a diverse portfolio, ranging from top-tier dental consumables to cutting-edge digital and AI solutions, aligning seamlessly with GHC's commitment to providing comprehensive dental excellence. Explore our Dental Division on the website to discover the extensive range of Kulzer products. From dependable consumables to groundbreaking technology, trust GHC Dental Division as your gateway to the latest in dental innovation, in partnership with the global leader, Kulzer. Elevate your practice and enhance patient care with our world-class dental solutions.



GHC International takes immense pride in announcing the commencement of local production of dermal fillers in collaboration with our sister company in Ras Al Khaimah. This strategic initiative not only marks a significant milestone for GHC but also positions us as a key player in the aesthetic healthcare industry. By locally producing dermal fillers, we ensure adherence to international standards, underscoring our commitment to quality and safety. This achievement provides GHC with a distinctive advantage, allowing us to distribute these locally manufactured dermal fillers throughout the MENA region. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with our mission to be a leader in healthcare innovation, offering safe and effective solutions that meet the highest global standards.



Nutraceutical and Natural Health Products

GHC International is proud to offer a diverse array of Nutraceutical and Natural Health Products, ensuring holistic well-being for individuals in the GCC region. In our commitment to providing high-quality and natural solutions, we have partnered with CSN Pharma, a distinguished Canadian boutique contract manufacturer based in British Columbia. This strategic alliance ensures that our offerings adhere to the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Explore our Nutraceutical and Natural Health Products section to discover a curated selection designed to support and enhance overall health. From supplements crafted with care to natural health products that prioritize well-being, GHC International is your trusted source for premium, science-backed solutions. With our partnership with CSN Pharma, we bring you a fusion of expertise and excellence, empowering you to make choices that prioritize your health and wellness.

Digital Health

Pioneering Digital Solutions and AI in Healthcare

GHC International is at the forefront of transforming healthcare through cutting-edge digital solutions and AI innovations. As the representative of Sisoft, a distinguished provider of hospital information systems and digital modules for healthcare centers, we bring forth comprehensive solutions that streamline operations and enhance patient care. Our commitment to innovation extends further with our recent partnership with MeVis, a renowned German brand specializing in Medical AI solutions. This strategic collaboration positions GHC as a pioneer in the region, introducing state-of-the-art AI technologies that revolutionize diagnostics, treatment planning, and overall healthcare efficiency. Embracing these digital advancements underscores our dedication to shaping the future of healthcare in the Middle East and North Africa, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest in medical technology and artificial intelligence.